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My name is Isaac and I'm








A soul whose intentions are good

Isaac Balderas

Hi, there. My name is Isaac

I'm pretty nerd and curious. I'm a coffee person and a night owl but, in the last months I've been forcing me to drink more tea and wake up early (people say it's healthier).

I'm a huge fan of Regina Spektor and I read every single essay that David Sedaris writes. Sometimes I write, too. I can speak French, English and Spanish. I'm pretty millennial and I'm always learning something new


Bachelor of Business Administration (UNAM) and Summer Program «Trepcamp» for Entrepreneurial Studies at Berkeley.


Instructor during the 2016 «Aldea Digital Telmex» and Web Developer as Social Service at Learny.

Work Experience

UX Intern at the Center of Technology & Innovation from América Móvil, Digital Product Manager at the French agency Digital Virgo. Product Manager at CIAL Dun & Bradstreet for LATAM region.


Google Ads and Analytics Cetified. Inbound Marketing Certified. Photoshop & Illustrator. HTML & CSS


I collect my moments

Product Manager & Web Development

Data Analysis, Content Creation, Product Ideation, Campaigns, AB Testing Product Manager at Digital Virgo

Web Design & Web Development

Prototyping, UX, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript Web Developer as Freelance

Content Creator

Photomanipulation, Video Editing, Gifs, Compositions Content Creation

Data Analyst

Web Analysis, UX, Campaigns, Social Listening Content Creation

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May 4, 2018

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March 7, 2021

Giving new life to a gesture that has been buried from almost 2,500 years [...]

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